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Many companies use search firms for a variety of reasons, especially to acquire top tier talent in technology, scientific, manufacturing and accounting industries. In general, recruiting firms are designed with specific expertise in well-defined industries, in a variety of sectors. One can find firms with this specific experience in almost every facet of an organization. Often clients or employers may be looking for firms that are in a specific geographical area, have specific research abilities or have extensive networks and are able to work discretely.

Most employers choose search firms based on their level of expertise, their reputation, and their ability to define a plan and execute that plan to find hidden talent for their positions. The search firm will be able to provide a list of the best candidates within a specific time frame or at least give the client a detailed report of what to expect during the process of the search. The firm will cast a wide net to find specific candidates and then narrow it down to a few of the best. This is one of the top reasons to engage a firm, let them do the initial work for you, then you will have the time and resources to concentrate on finding the best of the best for your company. This saves you valuable, time, energy and expense and gets the best hire for the position. Employers should expect and receive excellent communication and continuous updates regarding a search firm’s progress or roadblocks that need to be addressed to ensure that the search is going well.

Once an executive search firm has been chosen, industry specific recruiters, work with the employer to get detailed information in order to do the best job possible. Employers must provide enough information so that the recruiters working on their project will become an extension of the company. It is necessary and essential that the recruiters know minute details of the specific position, as well as the hiring managers expectations for the role and any challenges the potential candidate might face in order to succeed, and the cultures that exist within the company.

The chosen search firm should have the skills and expertise to utilize extensive resources including their own personal network as well as the ability to research for passive candidates in competitive or related companies, and identify and contact a targeted group of people necessary to get to specific talent. Employers hire executive search firms to do the upfront leg work and background research to get the best candidates possible.

Search firms are used because of their ability to go beyond what most in-house recruiting groups have the time, expertise and skills to do. Also third party firms have more freedom to approach specific candidates, and not all the legal ramifications that in-house recruiters face. Once a potential candidate has been chosen, and the employer wants to enter into negotiations with the candidate, the search firm should provide valuable information to the company. Such as salary and bonus/stock needs, relocation expectations, and help in negotiating and navigating counteroffers. If the search firm has done their job, at this point they should know what it will take for the candidate to accept the position.

Most employers will not use search firms on each position they are recruiting for but should use them for executive employees, critical hires and hard to fill positions. It is a smart move by most leading edge companies to use whatever resources are available to them to provide the best talent possible for their organization. It is always an advantage for a company to have a great firm willing to engage with them to find world-class talent.

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Pedley-Richard and Associates, Inc. was founded in 1994. We offer over 90 years combined experience in the recruitment of technical, financial, marketing, sales, human resources, and executive personnel. We are dedicated to providing personalized services and programs that ensure complete success in our clients’ pursuit of quality employees.

Partnering with our clients provides a strong foundation for achieving our long-term mutual business goals. It is our intent to ensure a timely and lasting hire that is aligned with the goals of our clients. Pedley-Richard and Associates, Inc. Retained Search, Project-Based Recruitment, On-Site Contract Recruiters, and Research Services. offers three services to achieve these goals:

Retained Search & Project Based Recruitment

Our retained search process uses set criteria in order to obtain the best candidates. We perform an analysis of the position, company and specific industry before starting the search. Next step is research which enables us to find potential candidates who closely align with our client’s need. We then screen the candidates to the specifics of the role and the longer term needs of the organization. We work closely with the organization and the candidate throughout the recruiting process and will not stop until the ideal candidate is hired and successfully transitions into their new role.

In providing project-based recruitment, we design project teams to fill large numbers of positions within a specific company division. Our project teams are composed of skilled researchers and recruiters lead by a qualified team leader. We set goals, timelines on candidate feedback, interviews, and follow-through within 48 hours. Absolute dedication to partnering with our clients is important for success. Therefore, objectives, goals, timeframes and expectations are set in the beginning of each project.

Contract Recruiter Services

Often it’s necessary to dedicate an in-house contract recruiter to a project for a period of time to help with the flow and processes. Pedley-Richard and Associates, Inc. provides on-site recruitment by placing experienced recruiters at the client’s site on a contractual basis.

Research Services

Our clients may work directly with our research division to purchase qualified leads and targeted research services. Our research team is devised of trained and experienced professionals who are adept at acquiring information and providing access to potential candidates. We build a list of candidates for our internal recruiters to screen, as well as qualify. We then provide our client with a complete list of potential candidates as a resource to meet their staffing needs.

Our extensive experience in the recruiting industry gives us a unique perspective, allowing us to offer options that our clients may not have considered. For more information on any of our services, or if you are a potential candidate in search of a career move, contact us for more details.


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