Deborah Richard September 10, 2013 0 Comments

The Interview

The interview process varies greatly. Interview styles, content, and number and duration of interviews generally correlates to the complexity and seniority of the position. It also varies with the corporate structure and organizational complexity, the corporate culture and “atmosphere”, and the internal structures and processes that affect the hiring process. Your Recruiter will closely assist you in this process and it’s of utmost importance that communication between you and your Recruiter is maintained. Your Recruiter will also coordinate the interview schedule and any other related details including travel arrangements.

Be prepared for the interview: Information from your recruiter, corporate reviews and summaries, and industry journals are excellent sources and provide historical and current information, as well clues to corporate culture and work styles. Always carefully review the CORPORATE WEBSITE. Many organizations view the web as their primary marketing and communication tool and the corporate site typically contains information not found in other sources. Candidates are often asked to participate in additional interviews– remember that interviews are essential opportunities for you to clarify your potential future roll in the organization.

Always contact your recruiter after the interview is completed: feedback is essential in keeping the process on track and facilitating an offer of employment and your successful placement in the position. Take time to discuss and clarify any concerns you have about the position or company that have not been addressed while your thoughts and reactions are fresh.