Deborah Richard September 10, 2013 0 Comments

Your Resume

Since we work with successful Technology Professionals our Candidates are typically adept at resume writing and development. Your Recruiter will be pleased to discuss your resume prior to presenting you to a company for consideration. It’s important that your resume is current, clear, professional, concise, grammatically correct, and accurately represents your education, work history and accomplishments. Your resume should be written appropriately for the industry or position you are interested in.

Cover letters

Cover letters should be tailored to convey important information to your Recruiter. While summarizing your skills is important, reiterating your resume in its entirety is not helpful. An effective cover letter provides details regarding your current interests and situation and should contain more specific information that might not be appropriate for your resume. Feel free to include as much information as needed to clarify your interests and goals.

Again, it’s extremely important that you keep us up to date on your accomplishments as your career progresses by submitting your revised resume from time to time!